Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hard Work & Prayers!

Date: Tue, Jan 26, 2010

What's going on here? Well yesterday was zone conference so that was really neat. We are going to do a really big baptism meeting on the 5th of Feb so that should be really cool. We're combining with 2 other companionships and we're hoping these people will be baptized that day:

Westly, he is 12 he has come to church all by him self twice now and he's really interested,
Lucas, he's 10. His mom has started investigating the church but she has some problems that we're still working on but we're going to baptize Lucas so at the very least someone will be there to help him,
Mirdin, she is about 49. We marked her baptism for the other week but because of her work it fell through. Her family will end up following her into the water just not now.
Maybe Betres, her 10 year old daughter will happen with her.
Vagner, 35, Vergina, 34 and their 2 kids (our family of gold. Really, sometimes God just decides you need a blessing and after you pray alot he drops a family like this in your lap. They're perfect. They already know about the Church. He has a friend that is a bishop where the used to live but they have never taken the lessons so were just teaching them. They are so awesome.)

Thank you guys so much for the pkg. My comp is loving all the marshmallows, and reeses and every thing. Its like an exciting new toy for him since he has never eaten most of the stuff you send.

Now I know that I'm getting transferred next transfer president told me in my interview so around the 23 of Feb I'll be going somewhere else which is ok. 7 months in my first area is a long time.

Well that's about it. Love you all,

Elder Michael Millyard