Monday, May 24, 2010

São Bento

WOW Baby Finnigan - that’s great I’m glad that she finally came. Now I’ll print off a pic and all the Brazilians will tell me how cute she is :)

I’m good! Transfers aren’t till the end of next mounth so I’m staying until then at least maybe I’ll stay even longer.

I really like it here in São Bento except its super cold here. Its really not that bad I just sleep with 2 good blankets here ( I bet D. never had to do that in the north). They have some really cool trees here. Tuesday I should get my PKGs and stuff (zone conference) so I’ll send you guys some pix next week.

Zone conference should be really cool we’re having the area authority come down to talk with us so everyone is trying to fix up their shoes and get them all shiny clean.

The bus contacts were working out really well until we stayed on the same bus doing it for like 3 trips, the driver got kinda mad so we’re waiting a little before we start them back up. I wanna talk to prez and see what he says about it.

Love you guys,

Elder Millyard

P.S. tell Momma Ballif that I love her too and I’ll write her a letter some time soon.