Monday, February 28, 2011

So I'm going to get transferred again to Concordia or something like
that.  It sounds like a good area to work in.  Lages was a really good
area.  I really like all the people that I had the chance to teach and to
meet here but transfers are something that I don't control.  I'm excited
to be going to Concordia.  I don't think I'm super trunky but I'm getting
excited to come home.  Also, tell Ivan (Mike's best friend that just got home
from his mission) that I'm going to write a letter to him today.

Love you all,
Elder Millyard

Monday, February 21, 2011

Whats up, Mom?

Crazy week!  We had a dessert night!   An elder returned from here!  We had a great mission activity.  We had a baptism Saturday morning and now p day has been crazy too!

Hows Ty doing?  I hear he's not digging his math too much...  and  Jess? and the other kids?

Here is a song for Ty...i hate i hate math (sung to the i love i love math song that one my crazy math teachers would always sing.  I'm feeling for you, Ty!)

No, I have not received my hard drive but just send the new camera.  The hd is probably in the office and I won't know for another week if it is or not.

I gotta go!
Love you,  
Elder Millyard

Monday, February 14, 2011

you disciplining the kids now at school that you like so much? 
Hi Family,

That's really exciting, Mom, that your cough is getting better, and how are

I think about the creation sometimes, too Mom,
but I go to Moses to read about it.  Heavenly Father really does love
us. That's why he sent me to you :)

Ya, I got my Christmas pkgs.  Thank you so much.  We put all the
decorations up and had a party.

Sweet! You got your tickets. Do you think we could get a ticket from the falls to Rio and
then maybe a night flight home and spend a few hours in Rio (I want to
see the Christus and there should be an ex-elder there that can
drive us around.  What about the rental car?  You might need a
drivers history report or something to rent the car.  Maybe you could
talk to Prez McClure and see if I can be released here and then we
can go to the beach and everything. 

When is Ivan getting back? It's coming up soon... it's this month! Man two
years is flyin by I can't believe it. It's getting to the end and I feel
like there is a ton of stuff that I still have to do, but it's always
like that. (Trunky? Less than 100 days left 94 I think) but it's time
to put the shoulder to the wheel and get to work!
Wish everyone Happy Birthday for me.

Love you all!

Elder Millyard

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mission Mom

Dear Sister Milyard:

That is so nice that you are coming to Brazil. It sounds like you are taking care of all the details. let me know if I need to help in some way. Your coming will be close to our leaving to the US, so we will be moving out of the mission home that week or the following week. They have us do that so they can paint the apartment and fix things up for the new president. They move us to a hotel, but we would like to meet you and when you get here we can plan that. We love your son. He is a wonderful missionary and very righteous and obedient. Have a safe trip here. Be careful with you plans for Rio, it is really, really dangerous right now. Be on the safe side. Iguaçú Falls on the other hand is safe and very pretty.
Sister Queiroz

Monday, February 7, 2011

This week has been really cool.  We're working hard to try and find new people to teach.   I'm really excited about my zone.  They're are a good group of missionaries here that wanna work.

Friday was ZL conference but I got there like an hour and a half late (there was lots of traffic on the highway).   We had the meeting and after we played soccer it was super cool.  Well gotta go!
Love, Elder Millyard