Tuesday, December 1, 2009

six months of service

OK, awesome! First things first, baptisms! These last 2 weeks we baptized 5 people. Mateus, he is 9 years old and belongs to an inactive family that we have been reactivating. He's really awesome. It was really him that decided that they should be active again and he's the one that started talking about baptism. Next, Apartecida, she is 83 years old and from São Palo. She is living with her niece who is a very active member so basicly we just started going over there and taught them and of course she felt the spirit. We taught her and 3 of Nilzas (the member) grandchilden and baptized them all. It was really cool.
The curly haired baby - Rayda ( hida ), her parents are Fernando and Fabiola. I baptized them. I think you have photos of them all together.

Second, the 26th of November! woo hoo! We didn't do anything for Thanksgiving and I didn't do anything for my 6th month mark but it was a good day. I ate more than normal just by chance one of the members was making pan pizza so we got some too. It was pretty good.

So today is the first day of the new transfer. I'm with Elder Leite again and staying in Fatima so that's good. I was thinking I was going to leave but I get to stay for the holidays.

Hey, I still haven't gotten my other memory cards yet they must be in the mail and I got mom a birthday/christmas card. I'm going to send them to her but it will probably take a awhile to get there.
Sounds like Mom still has a soft spot for dogs after all or maybe dad has the soft spot, haha, as for me and dogs we're not really friends anymore and I have the scar to prove it, haha.
I'm going to still try and make some more videos for you guys.
K well, love you all, tell the kids I love them,

Elder Millyard