Monday, February 22, 2010

February - Changes.

So we Baptized Sunday, we finally got Mirian into the water. It was really cool. There were lots of sisters of the church there and I got to perform the baptism and 3 different kinds of cake yumm.

So I'm going to União da Vitória. I'll be leaving Joinville around midnight on Tuesday the 23 which means that I will be only short 2 days to hit 7 months in my first area and 9 months on the mission (time really goes by fast!) I will be working with Elder “Domingos”, which means “Sunday” in Portuguese so I am working with Elder Sunday!

Umm what else? Elder Leite got made a zone leader and is going south somewhere so I probably won't see him for a while.

That's about it. Love you all,

Elder Millyard

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi Family,

I am being transfered the 24th of Feb. What's up with you guys? Things are great! The super activity fell though so we didn't get all the baptisms that we had been wanting. There was a problem with the building. We did get two baptisms. We are teach a lot of people. Wesley is way cool. He's 12. We gave him the Restoration pamphlet before and he basically taught us the lessons.

We baptized Lucas also, but he is a little brat. His family life sucks so I don't know but at least maybe one day he will remember that he's a member of the church and it will help him to straighten out his life. We're going to keep working with him, too, but we don't have a lot of time to be someone's big brothers. Our job is to baptize and find someone in the church that can be the big brother. Pray for us to find someone to fellowship Lucas.

We are teaching a family and they are way sweet. They are just super busy, Vagner and Virginia and their five kids. They have a car too so that means he will actually be a help to the ward. They just have so much going on their life. right now. They just moved into this house and they have a ton of work that they have to do so only Vagner has been to church but they are doing family home evenings.

That's great to hear about James putting in his papers. Hopefully, it is Brazil!!! (Mike's friend James Brendlinger. He had received a scholarship to play baseball for a Christian College in OK. Said it was the hardest semester he had ever experienced. He came home for Christmas and was made an Elder. He went back to school and just knew he had to come home and put in his papers for his mission. His papers are in and he feels wonderful!!!)

How is everyone?

Elder Leite wrote you a letter this week...but I didn't, I suck. It is in English but I didn't read it so the order of the words might be a little off. Hey Mom, are you still practicing Portuguese? Tell Ivan that I got his letter with the zebras on it and I sent him letter. I can only get mail every 3 to 6 weeks so it makes it really hard to get excited about the mail. We have not gotten the package you sent to Elder Leite yet but we will probably get it at transfers. If you can, I would like some of those little hearts for valentines in your next package.

Tell Tyler to go to Seminary. Tell him to play football and wrestle. I wish I had played football. He is probably in a 2A school and will get lots of playing time.

I really don't worry about you guys. I can't do anything to change anything so I only think about it when I email you. Mom, I miss being a little kid sometimes. Tell all the grandkids to enjoy being a kid for me.

Love you all,
Elder Millyard