Monday, September 13, 2010

Mission Conference

Hey you guys, you're not going to believe what all went down this week!

Well we had conference last week and I got the opportunity to visit
Fabula and Ryda (hida) in Fatima that was pretty cool to see them. Then
at conference we found out that Elder David A. Bednar will be coming
to visit us here at the end of this next transfer.  How cool is that!
Also we're going to have the opportunity to ask him questions so if you
have any questions that you think would be good to ask send them to
me. Also I found out that I would be leaving São Bento and they were
going to close the area. So when we got home from conference we were
running around trying to get our investigators baptized because we
had no idea when they would open the area up again. 
There is this one guy that we're teaching that is super cool.  He has already quit smoking
and drinking coffee and has been really trying to live the gospel for
awhile now.  He had a friend helping him learn a lot of stuff before we
even met him.  He had been doing all this and we have been teaching him for
only about 2 weeks.  But now, we wanted to see him get baptized so we had to have him talk to Prez and after Prez talked to him, the Prez decided to leave us here in São Bento so were both staying here. 
This will be my 5th transfer here. :)

Elder Michael A Millyard