Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Letters from Elder Mike!

Hey mom,
Thanks for the little notes of inspiration they are perfect reminders of you and what you want for me. Elder Holmes is pretty sweet. We think we might be companions in the CTM but we don’t really know. The plane ride has been super bumpy. Good thing I don’t mind flying. J Well I’ll add 2 this before I send it but I Love you!
k- so Elder Stockton is my companion, He is from Las Vegas and he is super sweet. He likes music a ton and sings sometimes. The food not so great, but we deal with it. They say that the food is better in the field –we will see.
Ok –tell “D” that I now know how crazy the drivers are here. We watched this bus drive up the curve onto the sidewalk and go halfway down the street to get past this accident. It was pretty crazy! Love you all! Mike

OK so we know I don’t like to (wright? right?)write… letters mostly cuz I can’t spell. But I love you all so I’m going to keep you posted as best I can. The CTM is amazing. I love all the elders here. We have so much fun, but it’s also hard core learning. All we really do is eat, go to class, eat, go to class, eat, go to class. And that’s it. The one thing that is driving me crazy is that SaoPaulo looks so cool from our window, but that’s all I get to see ever, is the view from the window. All we really have gotten to see has been from a distance but today is Preparation Day (they don’t want us to use slang) so I might get a little more to see. I’m going to write you an email so we will see how that goes and I’ll write more. Tell all the Kids I love them & tell them to All Be good.

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