Monday, October 5, 2009

News from Michael:

Sounds like you had a good week :)

Did you forward the letter I sent you?

My favorite talk from conference was Elder Holland’s.

The package was good thanks 4 the cookies and all the letters.

Would it be easier to just put money in my account because the chips and stuff they send are the same ones I can buy myself and then it might be cheaper if we don’t have a middle man just a thought.

Love you guys tons! O and I’m counting what my comp sends for my blanket also. :)

love you,

Elder Millyard

ps Did Tyler ever find a way to get to seminary?

News from Michael's companion:


I did hear about the tsunami. Crazy! Everyone here in Brasil knows more than I do. I hope that everything turns out okay. While we´re talking weather, it´s been raining everyday here and it´s not supposed to clear up until next month. Not too good for finding people on the street.

We have met a lot of really cool people lately. A lot of them have already had contact with the church. Woot! I´m really excited.

We´re helping one couple get married on the 10th. We´ll help another couple will get married on the 17th. Three people from the two couples will be baptized the 17th. We want 6 though for the rest of this transfer. That will be tough because there are only two weekends left, but if we work hard and have faith, I know that Heavenly Father can bless us. I know that Heavenly Father wants to bless all of his children, but we sometimes aren´t worthy to recieve his blessings.

We made invites to conference and gave out 80 yesterday! No one came still, but we got a lot of addresses. Our number is on the paper we passed out, so I hope that some of them feel inspired to call it. We met a woman named Elizabeth who is a inactive member. Her son and nephew were with her and I don´t think they were members. We´re going to her house on Saturday.

The dreaded day has come. I´ve started gaining weight again. Hahaha. It´s all good though. I´m not too worried about it. Just a couple of pounds.

Conference was really good. I only watched the Sunday sessions. I watched one in Portuguese and the other in English, but everyone in the mission gets the Liahona so I´ll be able to read it.

Elder Millyard is doing really well. We work good together. His Portuguese is already improving. He bears such powerful testimonies. He really loves our investigators and he instantly cares about people. It´s amazing.

Well I love you all. Hope things continue to improve. You´re in my prayers. Take care of each other.


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