Sunday, April 4, 2010

Transfer - Camera gone.

Well I'm in Sao Bento do Sul now with an American named Elder Pack. He's from some small town in Utah (sorry this keyboard is kinda broke) There are only about 300 people in his town he's pretty cool this week we're hoping to have 4 baptisms.

The camera. I think it got stolen when I was getting off the bus but I don't really know. I just know that the pocket that I kept it in was open and stuff was falling out of it when we got to lunch. Like someone pulled everything out but I really don't know what happend i'll look today and if I find one I'll send an email. If not get mom to pull some money out of my chase account and send me one. PLEASE.
The branch here is pretty small there were only 32 people in church on Sunday and 4 were investigators...
Ya - I just went and looked it's going to be more to buy one here then for you guys to just ship me the one I want so if someone could get on that it would be awesome...

Elder Millyard

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