Friday, June 11, 2010

PAST the Hump...

OK, the last few weeks have been crazy. The mission has a goal of 20 lessons a week and Sister Q. wants us to be getting around 30. Well we have been getting between 30 and 35 but the week before last we got 44. It was way sweet. So then we thought humm lets start counting our lessons different. So last week we only counted lessons if we talked about baptism and this week we marked the baptism of this girl that's 21 for this weekend but we only got 21 lessons. That is one more than the standard but still not that great. This next week should be cool because Prez is sending the APs here for like 4 days. They wanna see the bus pesquesa and they're going to help us visit some of the people that we have made contacts with. It should be really cool.

(Questions and requests from mom.)

How was your zone conference?

Good, the area authority came and talked to us a lot.

Did you get your camera?

Yes, thank you so much!

What would you like in your next package?

Black dress socks would be nice. Some nice thick ones but something different then the one I brought with me. These make my feet sweat and makes them feel all sticky. Some cotton tall sport socks with the arch elastic something like that that says sweat wicking on the pkg. The bamboo ones that you sent were nice but i can't wear them out because they are ankle socks (not that Brasilians don't do it cuz they do.) I don't really know right now, whatever you feel like. (I've been just giving the little toys to the kids here so that's kinda cool. I don't really have room to take them from one city to the next.)

Love, Elder Millyard

PS. Mom remember that book The Little Prince or some thing like that? They have it all over the place here.

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