Monday, January 31, 2011

Representatives of Christ

This week Elder T. Freitas and I have had some really special experiences but I really only wanna talk about one. There was this lady that we contacted at the bus station and we when went to her house the other night to leave a blessing with her and her family.  When we got there, we did the intro to the blessing and then started to say the normal things and we stressed that we were here to perform God's mercies in the name of God and she said, "Why does it always happen to me?" We explained that sometimes people have problems in their lives so that God can show them His mercies and they can know His power. She told us the problem.  Her grandson is sick with bronchitis that he has had for a few years.  I told her that as Representatives of Jesus Christ and by the power of God we could heal him then asked if she had
faith for it to be done.  She said that she did. So I gave the normal blessing that we give on a home and for all the other things and after my comp gave the blessing that the boy would be cured.  The spirit was super strong.  We testified that we are Representatives of Christ's only true church and left.  It was really cool.  They were all crying and I was feeling like I would cry too.
Elder Millyard

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