Monday, January 10, 2011

whatz up com vocês!?

Então, This is what my area is like in Saco dos Limões.  It is near the center of the island where Florianopolis and the mission home are located but I still need to take a bus to get there (its not in my area).  
There are a lot of hills here and we go up them all the freaking time but as of right now none of our investigators that are progressing live on the hills.  We don't have a ton of investigators right now ( 2 of our baptisms freaking moved) but we're hunting for some good ones. 

What else?

Oh the mail trunky that Jen sent, its totally cool, beins I'm fine, it was pretty funny. But I need the info: the name of the stake prez, the name of our stake, the emails of the stake prez, our bishop, the name
of our ward and thats it, I think.

We're totally going to have a activity pretty soon, day 22, and we should have some baptisms that day also.
You guys didn't send me a memory card and the ones I have are getting full.

Love you all,  
Elder Millyard

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