Monday, April 4, 2011


So for my last transfer, I wont be a zone leader.  The new prez is coming soon and they wanna train the zone leader that will be here when he gets here... and guess what, that's not me, hurray!  I'll be going home like 2 months before the new prez gets here.  So this last transfer I will "só fica na boa." Prez is sending me back to Sao Bento Do Sul to die and giving me another kid to train, Elder Costa.  I don't know where he is from or anything but for sure he is Brazilian, also cool (American greenies São CHATOS!!!) 

I love the mission.  I'm a little sad that its all ending but at the very same moment.  I'm happy "ate o pó" that its all ending and I get to see all my family and friends and movies and music and girls and not being in charge of everything and getting to travel and work and get married and reap the blessing of these 2 years and serve the
Lord in other callings and to eat American food and have carpet in my house and to walk barefoot in the grass and in my house and in the shower and see my Mommy and eat Mexican food and not live where its humid and not have my clothes get moldy and have new clothes and go to the lake and go snowboarding and last but definitely, not least, have a DRYER!  Man, do I miss having a dryer.  

I think I'll appreciate the small things more when I get home.
Elder Millyard

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