Monday, April 18, 2011

I wrote Dad a little story but let me see, Well the other day we where visiting a family and I noticed that there is a large family that lives behind them. So we went and left a blessing there.  My comp left the blessing and during the blessing all the kids were running around and stuff but after I just looked up and testified.  They all accepted to receive us back.  It was really 3 families so that was pretty cool.  You could tell that they had felt something.

Man McDs pays 7 buck an hour? Mexicans that lay pavers make $10.  I’m gonna do pavers when I get back. JK that’s great that Tyler, Jessie, and Jamie got to finish the work and everything and that they had a good time. How long did it take?  (Tyler, Jessie, and Jamie helped G-ma lay pavers the other day.)

(letter to Dad)
Ya, there is a lot to learn still!  I’m glad to hear that you’re getting some studing in.  The mish is going great (só falta ums 28 dias ) ;)  No, I’m not trunky!  The other day my comp and I left a blessing in the home of
this lady and when he finished you could see it in her eye that she had felt the spirit.  She is a strong member in her church.  Her look was almost like Wow, what was that!
Love you Dad!

Seu Filho
Elder Millyard

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