Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Mission Field - Ready or not!

(glasses back left)

Tues, July 28th 2009:
I'm here.
I'm safe.
It's cold.
I riped my pants again.
The prez and his wife are super cool.
Elder Michael Millyard

Mon, Aug 3rd 2009:

Sounds like everyone is good. Tell the kids that they better do good in school this year and that I love them.
  1. How was your flight? Good, I got a cookie instead of peanuts if that answers your question.
  2. What is the mission home like?
    Really nice, she is into designing and stuff like that, so it was nice.
  3. When will you know where you are going?
    I'm in Joinville.
  4. What is Florianopolis like?Pretty but I was only there for like a day . . . the rest of the state looks like north shore of Hawaii.
  5. What I like best is...
    Today it was sunny and we got to play soccer or even better this family we're teaching, Cartarina and Leonelda, they're sweet and are well on there way to the celestial kingdom.
  6. What I did not like was...
    Its rainy here all the time. Some one told me Joinville is on the list for most rainy places on earth.
  7. The thing I want to do first is... right now I wanna stop emailing you so I can go home and eat.

Please, if you send a package, send my yoyo and if you feel really loving a football and or a frizbee. They use them as teaching tools down here. Oh and one more memory card. I did not think it would take this long for you to send it back to me and I wanna just take a video of me talking again its way more fun than typing. k that's all.
How are things there? How is the economy? How is the family doing? Everyone doing ok?


Elder Millyard

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