Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FAQ: first area - Joinville

1. When's your p-day? What's for Lunch?
Today I had a cheeseburger, strawberry milk, and a banana empanada; but they don't call it that here - its not the same, empanadas are different but I had what we would call an empanada
2. Place where you are living? How do you like the members?
I like the members, there are a lot of people here that don't have a lot of money but they're all really nice.
3. Where do we send mail to? (address)
send mail to the mish home
4. Who is the new companion blessed by your presence? Elder Miquelli
Where from? hicefi (? spelling) Recife
Does he speak English? No,he can read ok (i think) but when I talk to him he has no clue what I'm saying or very little.
5. Have you learned to say any more phrases in Portuguese?
6. Did the package (w/ glue) make it to you before you left? (we prayed
it would!) Did you get any letters before you left last Tues?
7. What pants do you keep ripping? Are you able to mend them? What is
making them rip? Is it your waist getting too big??? ;)
my suit pants and i shure hope so (but I haven't worn a suit since the day I got to the field so maybe I dont need that pair of pants right away)

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