Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dear Family,

The Lord is really doing great things down here. This mission used to have numbers that would compare to Europe but now they have more than doubled what the baptisms were in the beginning of my President's mission. The numbers are up by 150%. It was hard to get 50 baptism and now we are shooting for 200 baptisms in this mission. It's amazing to see the area grow. The people are opening up more and more. They are being more receptive to our message. When they transferred my companion to this area it was kinda dead but now we have baptisms set for every week. The Lord has really prepared this place for his work.
Thank you for the support.
Elder Millyard


The countryside around Joinville

Joinville - My Area

My first baptism – So I had been out just over two weeks when I got to baptize Patricia.

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