Monday, October 26, 2009

Elder Lafaele: Sadly, I´m not with Elder Millyard anymore.

(One crazy sister decided that if Elder M didn't have time to write home (2 weeks now)- he must not need letters... so I wrote my weekly note to Elder M's companion instead... here's what we found out! :)
Hi Sister,
Sadly, I´m not with Elder Millyard anymore. I´ve been transferred to a new city. It was really great working with him though. I miss him. We had a lot of fun. Don´t know if he actually learned that much from me. We were blessed with 4 baptisms at the end of our transfer. We had a lot in common but enough differences that we didn´t drive each other crazy. He´s a really smart kid and he´s got a really good plan.
Just a little about me:
I´m the youngest of 5, so I´m a sweet talker too. I´ve taken a lot of who I am from my siblings. My dad is from Samoa and my mom is from Payson, Ut.  My parents are both teachers.
I´m from St. George, Ut. I graduated in 2008.  I´ve been on the mission since November, 2008. Elder Millyard is one of my best friends here. I went to every dance except 2 throughout high school. I love dancing and music. Elder Millyard is supposed to teach me about clothing brands still.
I hope I get to meet your family sometime. I´ve already heard a lot about you and you all seem amazing. Mike´s 6 parents did a good job :)
Take care.
Elder Ta´ei Lafaele

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