Monday, October 26, 2009

Catching up on emails this week - to Mom & Jen

Hey Mom,
Love you. Sorry I haven't written in a while. P days get kinda crazy. Wow, Jason (Harless, a cousin) is a senior and getting ready to leave on a mission, soo like in less then a year, right? That's awesome. I'm good. I filled my camera card I'll send it home next week. Last Saturday we had 4 baptisms and this one we had one. Last transfer we had to get some people married so that was cool. You will have pics of the wedding on the card.
Love you,

Jen-Sounds like your doing good!  Hey could you mish-ties me everyones address (just the fam) thx love you - Oh and sounds like John is doing good and its cool that dad did that phone thing tell him that I think it's cool that he's doing this (going to welding school) and that the Lord will help him!
Love you all
Elder Millyard

Here's your Multiple Choice Mission Pop Quiz for Mid October!!!
(not sure if all the answers are the same on purpose or not...)

1. When is a contact most teachable?
a. When it's been raining for days on end
b. When the spirit is testifying truth
c. When you smile big and flash your baby blues
Answer is: c

2. What is the most likely hymn to be sung for baptisms, and conferences?
a. How Firm a Foundation
b. I am a Child of God
c. The Spirit of God
Answer is:c

3. What music is most likely to assist you while at home (Working/Studying of course)?
a. Mo Tab Choir sings Praise to the Man
b. Josh Groban - You raise me up & You are loved (Don't give up)
c. Any variety of American rock music that the neighbors can play very loudly on their boombox.
Answer is:c

4. The most common vs most desirable color, texture, width etc of missionary tie in the Brazil Florianopolis Mission is:
a. Blue stripe vs yellow polkadot
b. Green satin vs Soccer ball black/white
c. Bold Red vs anything with Angel Moroni on it!
Answer is:c

5. Name a popular American tongue twister for your most Brasilian entertainment!
a. Say "Third World War" 3 times (FAST)
b. Say "Peter Pan Peanut Butter" 3 times (FAST)
c. Say "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuckwood?" (FAST)
Answer is:c

BONUS: D says that ___________________________ is a MUST! - These are the times you'll want to remember when your 40 years old! :-)
a. No Rice & Beans on P-day
b. Personal Journal Writing
c. Fica Firme
Answer is:c

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