Friday, November 6, 2009

November 5 - Elder Leite

Hey, what’s up? Sorry its been so long in between letters, haha. (Did you start to miss me Jen? ) How’s everyone doing? I’m good. I got a new comp named Elder Leite Or Elder Milk in English. He is from Sao Paulo. He likes to skate board and bike. He is pretty cool. We get along pretty well. Last night we laid all the extra mattresses in our house down and wrestled (his idea not mine). He was ready to be done after 3 min but I made him go for another 3, haha. He’s pretty small. He is only about 135 lbs and I’m almost 170 now. So I don’t know why he wanted to wrestle in the first place but it was fun. Let’s see what else, this week we are baptizing Ruth (Hooch). She is Fernando’s sister (almost wrote sister of Fernando, haha, that’s how you would say it in Portuguese. That’s sad that I’m getting them mixed up already cuz I can bearly speak still). She is way cool. I hope I told you about Fernando already... there are 2 - one that we married. Wow, this doesn’t make that much sense. I hope you understand. There are all kinds of people I need to tell you about. Hurry and send me my other card back and I’ll make a video with all the people. So you guys can know who I’m talking about. I think the turn around time on you guys having my card should be less than a week. Well, I don’t know what else to say. I’ll write a real letter and send it sometime soon.

Love you,
Elder Millyard

Kaelee loves school now? When did that happen? Last I remember she was sitting at the table crying cuz she wouldn't just do it! haha That's awesome! They're getting awards for their hard work. Tell them to keep it up. Sounds like everyone is having fun!

Elder Millyard

P.S. No marsh mellows in Brasil. There is some candy with it but I don't think you can just buy it.

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