Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tue, Nov 10, 2009

Sounds like you are all doing well. It was cool to get a letter from John. I don't really know what kinds of martial arts they practice here. I think mostly it is this kinda dance thing but I have never actually seen it. Umm, what else? I got the package that Jen sent with the super glue and sprees (didn't you send that to the mtc?) Thanks! I didn't get the other one with my card in it though.

I had some dental work done. I had 2 cavities that were just starting. One that didn't hurt really before. It was a cavity that had already been filled but they said that it needed to be done again cuz it was starting to rott again so they re did it and now it hurts, haha.

Ruth's baptism fell through. We still don't know what happened. . . who is Fernando . . . I'll send a video when I get my other card and introduce you guys to everyone.

. . . this last week has been great we were talking to lots of people last Friday, I think. It was when we were walking back from a referral we gotten from some other elders (they didn't have time right then but we made the appointment) and so this guy started yelling "followers of Joseph Smith, followers of Joseph Smith" and called us over. We were kinda like, O great he's crazy yelling at us from a cross the road but he wasn't. He had heard about the church before and wanted the "Finding Faith in Christ" video and to know what kinda food was bad to eat and he had some questions about our spirits. Then he said that he wanted to learn more cuz all the other churches only had 50% of the truth so we were kinda awh struck at all this and said, OK we can teach you about all that and about the other 50% they don't have and we can come to your house and bless your family and give you that dvd. We gave him some pamplets and set up an appointment and told to read the pamplets then we left. I was thinking why didn't we teach him now but the more I thought about it the more it seems the Lord gave him to us to teach but he needs to read and learn a little more for some reason. The time wasn't right, right then. So ya, I'm pretty exciteded to go teach him this next week . . . Yay! Hurrah, for Israel!

Love you,

Elder Millyard

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