Monday, August 30, 2010

Unusual Mission Expenses

Hey Fam -

Hows it going? I'm sending you some pictures of my horse that I bought. She is kinda small but then again she's "billin" - (brazilian) so that might be why she is so small. She is about 9 years old and I bought her for 500R$ about $265 US Dollars and that's the story of the horse.

Well, there's more,

There was a family of 4 that was going to get baptized and there was a member that said that he would buy the horse just so the family could move to another city but the member decided to not buy it at the last second even though he said that he would buy it no matter what. So the father of the family felt deceived and was like...this is how members are in this church? They have been investigating the church for some time now and the mother and the 2 kids really love the church a ton so i decided to buy the horse and I did. Now there is a brother here selling it for me.

So, we´ll see if I get the money back.

The family was realy cool. I really hope they stay firm.


Elder Millyard

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