Monday, November 15, 2010

Beach Baptism

Umm so this week was pretty cool.  Sunday morning we went to the beach with this lady Cristin and got all wet it was super awesome.  I'll send you a picture.  We went to church there in Grudatuba and them got a ride with a member back to Joinville all in time for lunch.  Sunday night we taught this really cool couple.  They have been to all sorts of really cool places
like Egypt, the Easter islands, Jerusalem and who knows where else.  OK, for now.

cool that Elder Costa had time to talk with you all.  How many people were invited?  Looks like it was a very intimate group of mostly his ex-missionary's.  That's awesome that Patrick got back.  Next time you see him tell him I love him and that he also needs to find some "gatas" that wanna send me some letters, hahahahahaha,  but really letters would be nice. 
Sweet! When are they going to get done with the Gilbert Temple? That's really

Love you all,

Elder Millyard

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