Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Mission Mom

Dear Sister Milyard:

That is so nice that you are coming to Brazil. It sounds like you are taking care of all the details. let me know if I need to help in some way. Your coming will be close to our leaving to the US, so we will be moving out of the mission home that week or the following week. They have us do that so they can paint the apartment and fix things up for the new president. They move us to a hotel, but we would like to meet you and when you get here we can plan that. We love your son. He is a wonderful missionary and very righteous and obedient. Have a safe trip here. Be careful with you plans for Rio, it is really, really dangerous right now. Be on the safe side. Iguaçú Falls on the other hand is safe and very pretty.
Sister Queiroz

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