Monday, July 19, 2010

Date: Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 10:47 AM

Subject: Elder Millyard 19/07/2010

So this week has been good. There was an activity at the church Saturday and everyone dressed up like hill-billys but we (me and Elder Pack) didn't have time to dress up so we're lame but the party was still pretty cool. Sunday we had like 50 people in church I know that dosen't sound like alot but we were pretty happy. We also had 6 investigators so hopefully we will end the month with some baptisms. Ya, I remember Brother Klienman, Dad and I were his home teachers for awhile. That's cool that you all are talking about testifying now (I bet next fast and testimony meeting you all will feel guilty if you don't go up.)

Ed, how was Sea World? Did any of the kids get their fish stolen by a bird? When I went some sea gull came down and stole all the fish I had to feed the animals with! haha! You should be able to compress the video of you and Blaine and send it to me just use winzip. You might have to text it to your email first or if you have a card you can do it that way. If its really small you don't need to compress it you could probably just text it to your email (just put your email in where you could put the phone number) then from your email just forward it to me. The stuff you guys sent is working out great. I'm not very good at making balloon animals still but it's fun to just mess around with it, haha. Ya mom sent me 3 different kinds of socks. One type I really like. They're like black sport socks and they work really well then she sent tube socks and some really thin dress socks but it works out just fine cuz I just wear the crew socks I have and put the black socks over top. Its very Brasilian but its confortable and my feet don't get too cold.

Marla, ya sometimes I wish I could read music but more because it opens up your brain to learn something new (or something like that) and less as a - I really wish I could play. I don't know. There are so many Elders that can play and don't (Aaa-- cuz they aren't very good Or because they're shy) and that I don't really feel like I need to because I'm pretty happy with who I am and who I am doesn't play right now. But I'm still planning on playing at least one song really good so I can get the piano when mom and dad kick the bucket (that is unless they live to see the second coming, haha) that's cool that you guys took around invites to your friends.

Jen, Ok so here is what happened. We went up to Mafra to work with the Elders there and at the end of the night we were at this member's house eating and the daughter was talking to Klint online he lives in Gilbert and he knows some of the same people that I know so I just talked to him and he was like hey do you want me to call your mom and I was like sure and gave him our number and told him to send my love.
Well that's it. Love you all,
Elder Michael A Millyard

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